Marketing to Women: WPPI Notes with Sue Bryce

If there is anything you need to know about women in business,  Sue Bryce is your girl.  So pull up a chair, grab some paper, and take notes if you are marketing to females.

(* Click on the photos to enlarge them and read text :)

Honestly, it will blow-you-away when you see some of those before and afters.  What an amazing strategy!  You not only see the visual transformation with the hair and make up, but you see their face and eyes are completely reflecting a confidence they may have struggled to express before.

Do you understand how now this is an experience?  A girl's day out.  You make reservations for drinks afterwards because you know you're going to look so gooood!  You see, Sue Bryce has strategically picked and valued her hair and make up artist because she desires for her clients to glow after their make-over.  Can you imagine how many will gush about their experience?  It didn't start nor did it end at taking a photo.  

From Sue after a day of coffee and boutique shopping:
Yes thats it . . . desire.  Such a sensual beautiful word and such a divine feeling. FEELING. again I’ve written feel.  Women Feel when they shop! we are both tactile and emotive.  My Photography brand communicates a ‘Desire to Feel’ a certain way.  As I rebrand myself this next month I am working towards making this even stronger. Because interestingly I have just realised, I do not know how much I spent today! Seriously! collectively that is.  Oh don’t worry I’m not stupid I knew the price of everything that I picked up, but I was not driven by any number.  I would actually have to look at my bank statement to tell you.  As I always say, Price is only an issue in the absence of Value.  Today I valued Desire.
What does your client value? How do you make them FEEL?  And that is why I absolutely love working with women -- I connect so strongly with emotion.  Any thoughts?