Easiest DIY: Magazine File Design for Office Studio

So I'm going to teach you how to do...

Have you ever found a DIY and swore you would do it but just lingered in your bookmarks/pinterest/word doc? Not this one. You practically don't have to do ANYTHING. I saw a rendition of this at IKEA and immediately went home to do it.

People. There are no RULERS or measurements involved. And you know what that means. Jose wasn't involved. It's super easy.

What you'll need. I got my magazine file from IKEA (a course, a course):

Pick a magazine with a style that resonates with you. Flip through it.

Can this get any easier?

That's like asking if I make the best jalapeño salsa. Don't go there.

So after flipping through the Anthropologie catalog, I picked an image that inspired me (as I did with the others) then gently ripped it out (clearly cutting would be best). And you may or may not want it to have a similar color scheme as the other images or that coordinate with your office/studio. Your choice.

You then center the image where you'd like it on the magazine file and create some creases to mark your spots.

Flip the page over and attach double sided tape to both edges.

Attach to ONE side first and tug tightly.

Then firmly press the other side.

Now it may join the ranks of the fashionable organizers.

What can I say, I like to keep it simple. I'm slowly piecing my office together and IKEA is having quite the love affair with this space. And our living room.

Hope that gave you some inspiration for today! :)