Outfit Chronicles: High Socks + Gold Flecks

So let me share something I do when I'm in the closet staring at my clothes.

One day Jose and I were at the mall and he asked if we could stop by the Fossil store to replace his watch battery. Assuming I'll just be there waiting, I spot a lovely couch at the end of the store for me to plop down on, except as I'm walking in that direction I notice accessories along the wall. And I'm not referring to watch straps.

I see a wall of absolutely beautiful handbags and print images of people wearing incredibly lovely clothes. What?! Fossil sold... clothes?! One of the sales girls hands me their catalog and I flip through it in shock. The price range isn't my favorite -- but it is the styling that has truly caught my eye.

So back to me, standing in my closet, staring at my clothes....

I took the catalog home with me, and instead of tossing it in the recycling bin when I was done, I left it inside my closet. I flip to one of my favorite images, and hold it up -- staring at it. I figure out what pieces I own that are similar to this outfit and how I can recreate it with what I own.

I had finally bought a pair of ivory knee-high socks and I tried pairing it with 2 different dresses and 3 different skirts until I found the one.

sweater + skirt + socks: F21, hat: Target, boots: Steve Madden, necklace: Goodwill

Thought I'd share that with y'all if you're stuck on outfit ideas. Print images or keep catalogs that resonate with your style. To me it guides me when I'm blanked on ideas for new outfits with what I own. It really was the high socks that made it (in my opinion). So my challenge to you as this weather is growing chilly -- skip the jeans one day and go for some tights or knee high socks paired with a dress or skirt.

Anyone else know what's happening March 23, 2012?! CAN NOT WAIT!!! Happy Monday you lovely people.