Emory University

Day 41: Mohka Life

I wish I wasn't posting this late because I am so excited to share it... but that's been the story of my life lately -- getting home past 11 p.m.

So. You wanna know?

Back in December I was approached about a fashion movement that some individuals were creating for Emory University. Clearly Emory is not only where I work, but where I went to school. This "fashion movement" is basically an online magazine that would encourage Emory students to be exposed to trends, current entertainment, who's who, and you know.. that kind of stuff that Emory isn't. After this meeting, then after this whole project has developed, I was asked to be the Director of Photography.

I absolutely LOVE being challenged to a new form of photography: fashion. And let me tell you, one taste and I was in. While I'm obsessed over babies, couples, weddings, and people in general -- there's something SO amazing about creating a mood. I suppose it's the filmmaker inside of me, guiding a trained "actor" (i.e. model) in a scene, with a make-up artist, a specific concept, and great lighting.

Unfortunately, right as this project is launching T-O-D-A-Y, I am months from leaving Atlanta. *sigh* And here it is folks... I present to you MOHKA LIFE. Check the magazine out!!!

And this was the result of my experience:

That's a taste of the photoshoot -- hope you enjoyed :) After opening these doors, I'm just hoping I can explore them even more in Arizona. This is definitely my cup of tea...

What do you think?

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