Debra Morgan

My Fashion Ode to Dexter

It's no secret... I'm obsessed with Dexter. Yeah, yeah... I'm on that bandwagon. But you guys ...there's a REASON there's a widespread obsession with this show. It is truly that good.

By the way, I am only on season 3, so don't even think about spoiling anything. Apparently my brother (who is also on season 3) read something online that gave away a HUGE plot line from season 5 by accident and described the experience like "someone just told [him] Santa isn't real." Pretty brutal, huh? Possibly dramatic.

Anyway, my favorite character is Debra Morgan (Dexter's sister). Her character almost ALWAYS wears a button up and she tucks it into her pants like so...

Sometimes she'll tuck a (casual) flannel into dress pants. I was inspired by the combination of formality and casualness, and tucking in of the shirt.

However, I wanted to add the Ale flair. I don't have a badge, but I can replace it with my accessories ;)

My re-interpretation of Debra Morgan...

I got the long sleeve at Ross, vest was thrifted, pinstripe pants from Melrose, and shoes from payless!

It was fun re-interpreting a TV show character and might do it again sometime :) Any suggestions?! And can I get a shout out from my fellow Dexter watchers? I know I'm not alone!!! :) Hopefully I did Debra Morgan some justice.