DIY ring pillow

Ring Pillow

I'm back from Arizona!! And guess what? Jose and I managed to narrow down our choices to TWO places! However, they couldn't be anymore different.
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I created a video of both places because I would LOVE to hear your opinion. Granted, some of you may or may not know me, but it's always good to hear different perspectives.

You will just not believe how opposite these places are to each other, haha. But I suppose if you know me, it kind of makes sense.

While I get the videos put together, I wanted to feature a really cool way to create a ring pillow! I'm in the process of figuring out what I'm going to do w/my own ring pillow (or whether to just BUY at this point!), but wanted to share one of my ideas with you:

Create a ring pillow out of a vintage handkerchief!

You can find TONS of vintage handkerchiefs on ebay for cheap, such as these:

Although it's quite easy, Martha provides a DIY :) You can buy the already made pillow from IKEA for cheap and just hand stitch the hankie over it (via Ruffled). Sounds like a plan to me, don't you think?!