Client Loyalty

Branding & Client Loyalty

Right around the time that I started pursuing photography professionally (not very long ago), I was proposed to! Awww :) I know, it was actually insanely romantic!

My point is, I went from being the photographer to... the client. And not just any client, mind you. I was the DIY creative bride with a wedding blog, designing save-the-dates + invites (which were featured online!), had a specific theme and even made a tutorial on a brooch bouquet. That crazy crafty bride. And as a photographer, I'm naturally attracted to that kind of client as well.

I'm constantly impressed by photographers who book over 30 weddings a year. But sometimes I wonder how many of those weddings are inspiring to them. You know, the bride that you just fall in love with and know that you both connected on a stylistic level? The client you are always pursuing.

I spent FOR-EVER and a day looking for my photographer. But when I found her, I fell in love with her photos...

I was in Atlanta and I found her in CALI! Across the nation, my friends.

Fast forward to about 6 months after my wedding -- Valentine's 2011 -- and my husband and I receive a package.

Just look at these whimsy details! Pink sequins, stamped initials, and a textured (sort of masculine looking) wrapping paper..

When we opened up the card, I simply shook my head in admiration (and then reached for my camera, of course).

Not only the cutest photo card wishing us a Happy Valentine's Day, but a GIFT too! In the coolest box!

This has Raya written all over it. And that is the POINT of this post. Her style and branding is so strong, that it penetrates her photography into small things like her packaging! I've always been a cheerleader of her photography, but as someone pursuing the same business -- I have a completely different appreciation for it.

If you look through Raya's work you can see that many creative and eclectic brides are attracted to her business. I don't blame them! I saw the way that she captured details -- how she stylized them. I wanted to make sure that for someone who spent hours pouring over her wedding center pieces, jewelry, shoes, and everything in between -- that my photographer would commit the same passion to photographing them. Then there was the style that Raya's photos portrayed that spoke to me. But that's just who I am, and that is who Raya is. What are you like?

Does your branding have _(your business name)_ all over it? How many of the brides that you photograph would you consider your "ideal" client? Who is your ideal client and are you attracting them with your branding? Pink sequins and ceramic birds. I am that kind of client and as a result, Raya has a faithful follower and endorser of her work beyond the wedding.

When people say "follow your heart" that means putting in the hours of research into your business so that it REFLECTS your heart. The rest will follow .. right? And to me, that's what separates those who photograph for a living and those who are living through their photography.

And that... that is what I strive to be.