Bella: Feminine Story Telling

You guys, I am slightly freaking out. I'm leading a class on the 18th at an event here in Phoenix called REMIX (ladies join me!!). I'm honored ... really, I am. I love teaching.  However, the thought of speaking for 45 minutes does make my palms perspire just a little.

Class full of women with different photography levels.


I dug deep into what strength I felt I had that I could share with them.  What is MISSING from images regardless if someone used a phone or an SLR.

A STORY. Photos that make you feel something. And so, the art of storytelling lecture is born. And let's just say staring at a blank Power Point screen is about as overwhelming as learning to keep a mint plant alive (seriously? anyone else especially good at killing plants?).

That being said, I leave you with the lovely Audree and a shoot focused on my love of feminine story telling...

Oh! And in case you missed her video last time (this was a Motion session), you can see it HERE!


Ha.  I LOVE the screen capture Vimeo chose for this video.  Audree rocked it out.

I'm pumped like some pumped up kicks for this year and video!  Coming back from Argentina has been all about catching up before posting a lot of material.  This is why I'm keeping it short because blogging is so important to me and in order to keep my momentum, I need to keep it short and sweet :)  Otherwise I will feel too overwhelmed and skip blogging.

I haven't even touched my Argentina footage!  I'll get there.  In the mean time, hope you enjoy these fun little bits!