The Motion Workshop

Part 1.

This was by far one of the most challenging things I've ever accomplished.

My heart wouldn't stop racing weeks before the workshop, knowing it was just around the corner. A moment I had been waiting for and imagining for so long. I remember back in January having a small freak out about securing a location, getting goody bags, and allllll the tiny, millions of details involved in a workshop. While lying on the couch, I told Alex on the phone "I just don't know if there's enough time for a Spring workshop." Alex then proceeded to remind me that I should start with only 2 things: Me teaching, her styling. That's it. And that's the beauty of our partnership with films - we start with what we know best. Over the next few posts, I'll share more details on what the workshop was like, but today I just wanted to share this image. Since I was teaching, I had to steal little moments to film and photograph some of the styled shoots and this one was by far the one that I resonated with the most.

There's dreaming, there's pre-visualizing, then there's execution. I start with a message - a mood - maybe a story. I partner with Alex of AVE Styles to storyboard the tangibles: what will the dress look like? How will it move? What would make sense for the model's hair? I know the characteristics and the emotion, and Alex helps me make it tangible. I'm in love with narratives and directing - so by creating that scene for the model, she can then take hold of that character and embody it. Madeleine Alexandra, this girl right here, was made for motion. Everyday, I am thankful for small dreams that turn into realities and this is what I want to keep making...
Probably one of my most favorite images.

This team. This teeeeeam. These artists have my back. It's one of those things that I don't even have to "check in" because I just KNOW they get it. I'm thankful for their killer talent:

Styling & Art Direction: AVE Styles |  Florals: Hilary Lamb |  Make-up: SN Makeup |  Hair: Miriam Kenly |  Model: Madeleine Alexandra |  Assistant: Mary Claire | Dress: Fame & Partners | Event: The Motion Workshop