Who Are You Talking To

Coming up for air from editing to share some of my notes from a workshop I attended last weekend.

I'm staring at my notebook, jam-packed with my writing and I realize that I have to take it one bite at a time. My favorite talk at the workshop was Guillaume Wolf's on the psychology behind branding. Y'all - my little fingers could barely keep up during his talk!! Ridiculous. I freaking inhale everything that comes to branding. What can I say, it fascinates me. Let's dive in...

W.A.I.T.T. // Who Am I Talking To?

We, as artists, filmmakers, photographers, and designers are communicators. Guillaume described communication design as "communication that creates a precise response in your audience." This is often seen as an emotional response or one of action.

So then, if our content (photo, film, website, whatever) is a MESSAGE - are we treating it that way? Are you seriously asking yourself - "what am I saying with this image?" But most importantly, who am I talking to?!

Because here's the thing, when you have clearly defined WHO it is you're talking to, this can guide everything you share online. If I know the client I want to attract, (almost) every time I am sharing something through my business - I have to ask myself if it aligns with the values and beliefs of that client, because if it doesn't, then I can be confusing them. I will shout this from the rooftops - pay attention to the content you share. Heck, pay attention to the content you create.

We are sending messages. That's the moral of this post. But because we are the creators of this message, we are responsible for knowing who it is we want to listen. So let's start there - with defining our "who." What might help you is asking yourself these questions: what does their lifestyle look like? Your dream client. What do they value?

-- photos of Jocelyn from The Inner Interior // An artist who embodies this very idea. She is a designer who's work is completely guided by meaning and purpose - the heart of the client.