Lone Flag Brand Film

Let me tell you, the debate between releasing the photos AND video at the same time in my head was intense.

But in this case - I need you to see both separately.

This film is a labor of love and more specifically - a motion piece with original content creation. I know some of you have wondered what Alex of AVE Styles and I are creating together. The easiest way to understand is cinematography + art direction with a specific goal to boost brands (via campaign films, stills, and Pinterest content). And you guys. LONE FLAG. Oh-my-laaaaawd. The coolness that drips from the couple behind this retail concept is like butter. Except maybe butter made from coconut oil because they're that cool.

In all seriousness, when we first exchanged e-mails with Kelli and Sam about the story of Lone Flag - the word that was constantly used was "community." They are a brand with a focus on American made goods and they partner with other vendors that share the same mission statement. Visually, I could feel the masculine and raw elements of this brand so I really wanted to portray that and the community in motion. Alex curated a specific look for the overall feel and this is how we brought it to life...

Woooooo!! :)