Let's Take a Ride

Sam: Zuriick Boots, Rogue Territory Denim // Kelli: Loup (top) all sold at Lone Flag

So pumped.

This is a glimpse at the journey Alex of AVE Styles and I have designed for brands that we resonate with. Content creation with purpose and direction. The funny thing is that this image wasn't even planned. In fact, it was at the end of the day and a sort of fleeting thought. But what I love most is that this is a real couple (Kelli Murray + her husband Sam), Sam does ride this bike, and yes - with this kind of style. Insane. (Insane is the amount of talent we interacted with that day. But that's for a later post.)

These recent and next few months have been pretty defining for me. I recently came across this goose-bump-hair-raising spoken word artist - Shane Koyczan - and I can't stop thinking about one of his poems where he said: "That's what we were told [as kids]. Stand up for yourself. That's hard to do if you don't know who you are. We were expected to define ourselves at such a young age. [...] What do you want to be when you grow up? I always thought that was an unfair question. It presupposes what we already are. We were kids." He goes on to say how as a kid he wanted to be a man and throughout life that changed with his life experience. Anyway, I chewed on that phrase because I realized, he's right, even as kids we were expected to articulate these things. Isn't that the story of our life? Defining ourselves and trying to shed light on what our story is?

When I was little, I made so many things up in my head. No joke. The funniest thing is that I believed them. But I think it's that kind of faith that always stayed in me. I truly, hand to heart, believe in people - sometimes more than they can in themselves. So this question of what to be when I grow up, believing I could be anything, and now shifting this to others through my line of work (and now, and now, and now... *inhales*) - it's just all coming together. That's it.