Motion Brand Films

You know how people say they're going to "throw" something out into the universe to set something into motion?

This is sort of that. But at the same time I would be foolish to think that all it takes is throwing it out there. Setting ideas into motion consists of knowing when to say yes and no, of taking risks, of aligning yourself with projects that match that vision, and keeping it consistent as best as you can.

I am a story teller. I have been honored to have told the stories of artists through promotional films. And now, I am introducing a new component of this artform: Brand Films. So what I'm throwing out there to you is - let's think differently about your film. Less chronological, more emotion and mood. Less day-to-day storytelling and instead, diving deep into the emotions associated with your brand.

Am I being vague? Don't you hate that?! Haha. I am sitting here, typing this at a place called "Off the Waffle" in Eugene, Oregon because I'm about to go into some cabins with NO internet access. A black hole, if you will (cue scary movie music). But I am about to release a couple of videos and I couldn't do that without at least verbalizing to you where my head and heart are at. Our work is constant a journey - sort of like decorating a room in highschool, one day you have Backstreet Boys on the wall and the next Leonardo DiCaprio makes his debut after Titanic transformed your view of boys. Just me? Ok. Well that's where I'm at.

SO stay tuned for these videos... seriously ;)