Experimenting. And is blogging worth it?

Impulsiveness. If I over think it, it won't happen. So here it is.

My experimentation with light and how it falls on the body. Mainly face. AND THEN. *shakes head* I decided to convert this post into: Is Blogging Worth It? 

Did someone say impulsive?

shot with 50 mm 1.2 lens - facing window

I needed to take a break from 'catching up' and just play. This whole blogging thing?! UGH. I seriously need social media to make up its mind. Part of me wants to stop blogging because I feel that Facebook (and instagram) are taking place of that movement. We want more bite sized pieces. Right? But then I couldn't do something like this on Facebook.

Question: are you watching more of your Facebook feed now rather than your blog feed?

See, I took a break from my blogging regimen and repurposed my content for Facebook and instagram. I realized that the ease of posting to these 2 networks made me post more frequently. And still share my personal thoughts.  The more I can post, the more engaging I can be. I don't want to blog for the sake of blogging. I want to do it to TALK TO YOU. To connect. To go in depth. Depth. That's the idea I'm juggling in my head. Can you still dive into a subject with depth on Facebook or instagram?

Anyway, for those of y'all that have always felt pressured and overwhelmed by this idea of blogging.. I feel you. It's time and energy that we look at and say - is it best spent on my blog? So here is the best advice I found from Paul at the Nethervoice:

"Whether or not blogging is worthwhile greatly depends on what we want our blog to achieve and to what extent we’re getting closer to that goal. Some measure the success in terms of the number of comments or retweets. Others look at the conversion rate: the number of visitors that take the desired action. A third group is watching their ranking on search engines like a hawk. My neighbor just likes to blog because it’s a creative outlet. He could care less about readership.
One thing’s for sure: if we don’t have a clear destination, we’ll never be able to tell if we’re moving in the right direction. But once we’ve identified why we’re blogging and what we want our blog to accomplish, it becomes a matter of testing what works and what doesn’t (based on our criteria). If we’re not getting any closer to our goals, it’s time to change our approach until we get where we want to be, or we should adjust our goal."

Boom. My destination? To connect with you, inspire you with ideas, and teach where I can. Is my blog accomplishing it better than Facebook or instagram? No. Idea. 

SO, any thoughts on this?