Film vs Digital: A Comparsion

So this is less "versus" and more of a comparison. This was taken during this shoot with the beautiful Stephanie Neiheisel.

All film photos were photographed on my Mamiya 645 (*edit: digitals shot on 5D MKIII) and I actually used TWO different kinds of films. One of them was the Fujicolor 400H which is a pretty popular film and the other was Ektar 100 which came with my Mamiya. I was super curious to see the kind of results the Ektar would create...

Bottom Left: digital photo of the PRINTS. Prints, prints, prints! If you have never held a set of film prints - do it. Completely different experience to see and touch film prints. Bottom Right: Ektar 100 Film.

So the photo on the left down here is Ektar 100 film. It has this sort of maroon tone to it.

Now let's get into the comparisons: 

Do you notice the difference in skin tones? Especially the warmth/slight pink with Fujicolor film? But you have to keep in mind how I asked my lab to process it AND how I process my own digital images. 

These two are a little bit closer in regards to warmth, but you can still see the difference in skin tone. I love both.
Ektar. YES.
Ektar film. My thoughts: I think this film works SO great on Stephanie. I specifically wanted these to feel moody. The funny thing is that I TOTALLY thought the Ektar film was a black & white film! So here I was, shooting them for a black & white look. Anyway, I don't know how this tone would work for a different mood. I think it suits Stephanie's look - her tattoos, her dark hair, and her beautiful cheekbones.  There's a hint of darkness about them that suits this Ektar processing..

Thoughts?! Like I said, the Ektar came with my Mamiya because the guy I purchased from had a half-used box he threw into the package. Now I'm curious to try it more.  Do you like Ektar or Fujicolor more? Would love to know which you connected with most!