Lipstick and Film

Did you know...

That lipstick holders are about the same size as 120 film?!

Y'all. I mean, WHAT?

It's okay to laugh at me because I would too! I don't think I can express how insane this is for me and it all came about as an accident. I found this beautiful case at a local thrift store. Look at that color?!
When I opened it up and noticed it was a lipstick holder (or that's what it looked like to me), I actually thought about removing that casing and replacing it with fabric so I could turn this into a clutch.

But, like many projects - I sort of set it to the side and found myself using it more like a prop.

Well, I started putting my used film rolls on top of my ottoman and they kept rolling off and falling to the ground. I don't know what made me try this, but I opened up the lipstick case (that was also on my ottoman) and started putting the rolls in there. To my surprise, they fit perfectly!!
Lipstick and film. Seriously? Could the photography world possibly be snapping her fingers saying "yeah, girl!" at me? I think so.
Anyway, these babies are FINALLY - and I do mean finally making their way to the lab today. Sans the case. Sorry Richard -- it's staying with me :)