the lipstick series

The Lipstick Series //  This one is for the dreamers...

In just a few weeks (or possibly less), I'll be launching my new site!!! Liz and I have been so deep into planning/design that I haven't even mentioned how CLOSE the launch date is.

Then I realized, I can't just bombard you with all these changes.

So.  Here it is.  Consider yourself warned :) There will be a section on my site called "stills" and in that section there will only be female portraits. That's it. And while a lot of my female portraits tend to be for local boutiques or artists looking for promos, I decided I wanted to have a place for the dreamer. A session in an open-minded space to create magic. No inner-critic, just a lot of self love, good music and good light. An opportunity to create beautiful imagery, just because. I want you to have just a few images to look back on one day and celebrate who you were at this exact moment in life. Make up and hair will be professionally done. What you wear doesn't matter, it's just about rocking out the lipstick. That is the Lipstick Series.

That's a still from the video I also created. I will be sharing the video on Monday (so painfully far away for me!!) and you will see how this session evolves and what it feels like to be a part of it.

Let's make magic people!