Behind the Scenes

Karie and I dreaming up a collaboration. Per usual ;)

 Me... in motion ;)

A glimpse of what's to come this year.  I am referring to motion, collaboration, and lots - I mean lots - of imagination ;)

As Sue Bryce made her way into people's homes via Creative Live, the beauty photography sector just boomed.  Suddenly the inspiration to mix natural light with a studio based setting and what else? WOMEN.  But to me, it was less about focusing on 'glamour' photography and more about the message of self-love.  Because THAT is what will separate 2 photographers on the same technical level -- the ability to have human connection with your subject.

And that is what makes my heart sing.  To look at my subject's eyes and let her know that it's just her and I. No judgement. No expectations. Just wild ideas. It might feel funny at first, but you have got to trust that this is a process and I won't let you down.  Why? Because in order to freely love yourself, you have to be vulnerable.  And it's that vulnerability that I will delicately place into my hands, honored to hold it, and transform it into an image to be celebrated.  Let's celebrate :)