Get Better, Not Angry

Back home in Phoenix. In PJ's. Random sunburn on my leg.

But anyway... :)

Read a great, short article on Seth Godin's blog... "True Professionals Don't Fear Amateurs." < READ IT!

It is such a viscous and painful cycle for artists to compare each other and allow that to eat away at our confidence.  Even worse is when we can't even be happy for a person that is growing because we feel threatened.  But it's so hard, right?  How can we not experience this when so much of our business is defined by the things we do.  Not anyone else.  So when someone is killing it, you can't help but want to know what page they are on.  Sure, there are business, marketing, and branding strategies -- but, at least for photography, sometimes it feels like there are a million ways to play these rules in the business.  YES, we will fear, but the point is to not allow that fear to define or PARALYZE you.  Because in the end, we must run a business.

As we get ready to make note of our New Year declarations, wishes, resolutions, and desires - how about we become fueled by each other instead of comparing ourselves to one another?  Let's get better.

This goes back to one of my favorite questions: What makes you, YOU? 

Start there.  Because the best thing to become better at, is to become better at being you.  I think that would make Dr. Seuss proud :)  So good to be home.