That moment..

... when she reached the end of the aisle with her father at her side.

I can easily recall this moment in my wedding because it was one of the most emotional for me. Combined with my brother walking me down the stairs and my father down the aisle, my friends and family on their feet at my side -- I cried.  I felt their love, I felt the change that was about to happen in my life, I felt a stage in my life being left behind to start a new one.  I was scared, I was excited, and I was overwhelmed with love.

As I move into the new year, I will be taking on less weddings.  Then I get to an image like this that connects me to my own memories and I realize what a privilege we have as photographers, how many more I'd like to create for other brides.  We truly do record memories.  And that, that is insane.