Vogue and old lady knees

It sounded so fancy just saying it... "we're going to have some brunch downtown then go see my friend give a presentation on the archives of Vogue at the art museum."

Something you associate with residents of New York... not Phoenix.  Things that I remember thinking as a 13 year old dreaming I would do in my 20's.  And sometimes what sounds so fancy is actually so simple and fun.  I was going out on a girl's date with Karie.  Oh, and you KNOW Karie.  We call each other 'the dreamers' because we are those that are full out sprinting in our minds, chasing after clouds hoping one will stick so we can fly for just a bit :)

She brought her daughter Grace with her and good Lord it made me realize how much I would LOVE to have a girl!!!  [EDIT: In a few years... (simmer down now :)]

 In your life, you gotta have people like Hannah who constantly educate the locals via Facebook on all fashion events.  One of those girls who's calendar could probably be its own Facebook event.  I snapped a quick one during her presentation -- isn't that cover on the right INSANE?!
Let's not play.  I was ALL OVER those Vogue issues.  More on those later ;)

Just one of those covers that made me audibly gasp.  Dramatic, remember?
 Bahahaha.. speaking of DRAMA:

Love those girls :)

In OTHER news.  This weekend started off SO fun with one of my bride's baby shower, then I went to a pottery class to use the wheel with Jose, and ended it with shopping at a fabric store for an upcoming shoot.  But that next morning right at 5 a.m. I woke up with intense pain in my knee.  NO injury and no swelling ?!  And it wasn't even the knee I injured previously from volleyball.  I could hardly walk, using the stairs was awful, and I couldn't figure out what was wrong.  What's worse is that it happens the DAY my dance class is starting back up!  Went to the doctor today and she isn't sure but thinks it could be a cyst right by my ligaments, or a tendon issue.  Apparently I need to go have an ultra sound and x-rays.

So consider this possibly my only post this week with my mom arriving today.  I need to take a break and rest my knee, especially because I have a wedding in Sedona this Saturday that I am THRILLED to shoot.  And I don't know if you know this, but I am a ninja when I shoot weddings.  Squats, floor crawls, karate lunges... I get down.  I highly welcome any vitamin advice for old lady knees.  I'm currently taking magnesium with Vitamin D4.

p.s. I didn't even tell you guys about the creepy call I got on Friday.  We are going to have to catch up later!