Outfit Chronicles: Stripes and Skirts

Talk about falling off the outfit chronicles boat!  Is it boat? Horse?  I can't remember.  I actually have 3 outfits I haven't posted!!

So I absolutely love this skirt.  I get a lot of compliments on it -- but people think it's a dress!  I switch out the top, sometimes add a belt to cover the black waist line, super comfy, and it's long enough for me  to wear when I shoot.  Versatility and comfort, yes please.
top: H&M, skirt+accessories+shoes: F21 

This week has been so interesting for me.  I've realized the power of words.  Within tweeting the phrase "awkward :(" yesterday evening, my friend Octavia immediately called me to see if things were okay.  Nothing too bad happened, just a mistake that I failed to catch and made me highly wish the world of google mail had an UNSEND button.  Gotta love those friends who just call you on a whim like that :) They are special for sure!

I will go ahead and admit to you that I am ALL OVER the place in my head.  Video is starting to pick up and... and ... guess what I purchased? A FILM camera (*cue fireworks* say what?!).  So as I started to feel like I had a hold on things in regards to understanding the direction of my business, video starts to pick up steam (which is a complete blessing) and then I get this film camera and I'm like "ALE! what are you doing and where are you going?!"  And now I don't know.  No idea.  So that's where I am right now.  Over the moon happy, terrified, and confused.  But it's kind of fun, going back to this state of dreaming and rearranging my future... you know, with a few tears shed.

p.s.  I don't know if you ever read this post I had written, but guess what?  It's on the Verily Magazine blog! Propelled By Discomfort & Fear... give it a read :)