A shot of fear and excitement

These are the clients I dream about.  But then fear starts to creep in and makes me second-guess myself.  It's a pressure I put on myself with clients that I respect and admire so much.  Which is the case for this Leidan Mitchell commercial shoot I'm working on.  I couldn't resist sharing some of the images as I try to take deep breaths and just trust in myself...

Crazy side note: I had just met Amy, the model from The Agency Arizona used for this shoot, on Monday and she ended up attending the same marriage retreat with her husband that Jose and I just got back from this past weekend!  Speaking of this retreat, I had a little tennis lesson from Jose and I managed to hit a ball outside the immensely TALL fence and on to some cliffs.  Clearly my brain interpreted tennis racket = BAT.  I managed to finally get the hang of it!  I guess it depends on who you ask, ha.

Alrighty, back to editing, pinterest breaks, and deep breathing I go :)