Pretty Little Things ... on my nose

Oh man... some of the things I'm obsessed with on Pinterest usually entail office decor, design inspiration, or fashion.

The truth is, I don't typically pin impulsively - I usually have a reason I'm pinning which then leads me down a rabbit hole of inspiration.  Can I get an amen?  And this time it was trying to find an outfit for myself.  A great friend and film photographer will be visiting Phoenix next month to take photos of Jose and I (eeeep!).  So now I'm on the other side wondering -- what do I wear?!  Which of course led to...

See the little arrow on the black and white photo?  Well... funny story.  One of my birthday gifts from Jose was to get a new nose ring -- you know, the kind where the stone won't keep falling off the little stud.  WELL.  I confessed that I always wanted a ring (see picture above).  Enter face of hesitation on Jose.  I let the thought linger and we headed into the store.  We pick out a pretty little stud and then.... my eyes linger to the rings.  And I SEE IT.  A ROSE GOLD delicate little ring.  And then we see the price tag.  Woah.

Clearly a nose ring is not one of those let me just "try it on" kind of things.  Once it touches your nose, it's yours.  And for that price, it was too risky.  So then the man pulled out the sterling silver ones that were 1/4th of the price and 1/4 the cuteness.  He told me "look, for $16... you might as well purchase it and see if it suits you.  If you love it, then come back for the gold one and you at least have the peace of mind."  This sales guy.  He's good.  I look at Jose and I give him that smile.  That smile of ... "babbyyyyy, I think I'm going to like thiiiiis."  Hahaha.  So we go to the back, size my stud, remove it, then move on to the nose ring.  He hooks it in and says "well, take a look!"  Woah.  That's different.  I definitely had to get used to it for a second but I admit, I was feeling adventurous.  Turns out that being able to wear a nose ring like this is all dependent on where the actual piercing is on your nose.  And LET ME TELL YOU -- the story of HOW I got my nose pierced is another blogpost alone!! Prom, under 18, at hair shop... oh my gosh, the funny things I can tell about my life.

I digress.  Point being that apparently I have a suited nose and piercing for the ring!!  The man said that a majority of people who come in wanting it don't even have the option because the ring will not sit on the nostril correctly.  Woop woop!  Then yesterday Jose looked at me, nodded his head, smiled and said "I'm getting used it."  So, in just a few hours I will be returning to switch out the stainless steel for the rose gold one!!  So excited :) :)  The good thing is that I will always have the option to swap it out with my little stud if I feel it's not appropriate for a certain event.  But I'm just so excited because I think the rose gold will be the perfect mix of feminine and funky (which funky femme = Ale!).

So in case you're wondering what's going on in my head, just follow me on Pinterest.  Consider it your visual diagram :)