Outfit Chronicles: In the fields of Texas

Oh Texas.

My brother and I were in route to College Station when I suddenly jerked up in my seat (because I always make a commotion when I get an idea) and asked excitedly "is there a field we can pull over and do some photos?!"  

My brother then retorts: IS THERE?!  Where do you think we are, New York?! 

No, he didn't actually say that.  He actually told me about the PERFECT field not only for Outfit Chronicle photos... but for some graduation photos.  I only slightly get the whole Aggie thing, but good Lord there was a BARN dedicated to Aggies.  Calm down guys.  Hence, exhibit A:
Anyway, like I said before... must be in our genes but my brother (with such good direction :) rocked out my session.  He got the whole back-button-focus down to a T (random question: what the heck does "T" stand for in that phrase??).
This top is perfect for dance practice or for wearing over a swim suit.  Cause really, what else would a shredded back be good for?  Oh, that's right -- Texas road trips and Outfit Chronicles.

If you didn't notice, those pants are HIGH WAIST pants.  High waist my friends.  They make me feel... retro.  I love all the bright colors that are out for summer and as we all know, I am no stranger to rainbow tops, so seeing this one at Ross was the perfect addition to my t-shirt summer.

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