One fine beach day with my boys

After all the commotion of graduation died down and our families drove back to Dallas, Jose and I stayed behind in College Station with my brother Vladi (the now, A&M graduate :).  Ignoring the online weather messages of predicted rain, we hopped in the car the next morning and drove to Galveston -- the coast of Texas.

  Jose found this sling shot in Vladi's apartment and well, I don't have to explain the rest do I?

Unfortunately there had been rain which brought on this nasty sea weed.  Everywhere.  Just imagine it tangling around your legs as you got into the water.  Ugh.  Vladi and Jose on the other hand, saw this as an opportunity to torture each other.  I made sure to cling to my camera as my defense.
 Love these guys :)
 Couldn't imagine my life without these two!! 
 He thinks he's so cool...
Mmmm, seafood grub.
Joke was on ME at the end of this trip.  I made them wear sunscreen and guess who got sunburned TOES?! YEAH! Can you believe that?  And the worst part was that it was just the 3 middle ones.  I must've slathered it on really sloppy.  Have you ever had a sloppy sun burn?  Let me tell you, it's not cute.  We drove back to Dallas after some dinner and spent our last weekend in Texas before returning here to Phoenix.  Good times with family are always my favorite :)