Try Being an Onlooker

So it appears that Ross has been calling my name lately.  I went inside to look for photo frames and I managed to walk out with pants, socks, a top, and... a frame.  I can't help but laugh when someone asks me "where did you get that shirt?!" and I try to not to sing "I got it at Ross!"

Do you love it? I love it! I got it at Ross!

Does that jingle date me?  Anyyyyway :)

Something I've really been wanting to share with you guys are tips not only on styling (in terms of branding), but tips on photography.  And I'm not referring to the technical aspect.  I've had a lot of people approach me about private lessons -- something that I'm really excited about because I LOVE teaching.  So if you have any specific questions that you'd like me to feature on the blog, just e-mail them to me (alejandra(at)

What I really want to help photographers with or just anyone with a camera is to start experimenting with your perspective.  As I am giving you a sneak peek of this photo, I want to tell you a little bit about it too.

There I was with Elle (our model) and Heather (remember Heather? :).  She had this gorgeous skirt that we wanted to showcase, and what's the most obvious thing to do?  Have her twirl.  But, yeah... twirling is not new, right?  Heather wanted to capture Elle in the door frame with the mountains in the back ground.  However, as I watched Elle move towards the door, I watched the movement of her skirt.  I let go of capturing the mountains and instead watched as she walked back and forth in the room, crossing the door frame.  I started creating a different image in my head.  I moved around constantly capturing it at different angles.  I LOVE when a photo feels like a fleeting moment.  And that's what her skirt made me think of.  I thought less about Elle being in the MIDDLE of the door frame and more about her walking out of MY photo frame.

So that's my first tip :)  For fun, try having a person go do something (instead of posing them right in front of you) and pretend to be an on-looker.  Pretend that you happened to have your camera and you caught her/him in the middle of what they're doing.  This can be as simple as having a female pull her hair up in front of a mirror.  Don't stand directly behind her, but maybe stand behind the door and frame her like you're peeking into the room.  Remember, you can do this as a non-professional too with your kids.  Pretty much spy on them :) Make sense?  Hope that stirs something in your head!  And if you try it, I'd love to see it!