Outfit Chronicles: Tees and Skinnie Jeans

Haven't seen one of these in a while, huh?!

These were actually quite interesting to edit ... and take.  Jose arrived home from work and when I greeted him at the door he said "you look cute" -- I'm pretty sure he immediately regretted it when it dawned on him what came next.  Cause, we both know what this usually means.  Outfit Chronicles.

BUT.  I have anticipated these moments y'all!  I can hear the groan a mile away and I refuse to use a tripod.  So instead, I start dinner early .. my peace treaty.  "And we don't have to leave the house! Let's just do them in the doorway."  Which lead to this really interesting and contrasty light that I don't normally work in...

T-shirt + Jeans: Ross, Shoes: Shoe Land in Atlanta, Earrings + Clutch: F21

But let me not diverge from the fact that Ross has just gifted me with what I call my new "favorite" JEANS! They're not even jeans.. they're like a fabric, stretchy, jean-looking pair of pants.  Insanely comfortable!  And hello, $9? I know.  It's not even right.

Isn't the light interesting?  Maybe that's just me talking photography.  I guess I felt like it looked different from my other work which usually has softer tones.  But I was in direct sunlight (sun was setting) and my hallway was of course dark.  Kinda fun to try something new :)  Hope you like the outfit!  I've been looking for cute tees to wear to dance but I'm kinda liking them for general outfits!  I'm thinking I'll be doing a lot of tees this summer.