Bellas: A Spontaneous Session

Let's backtrack to my Vegas trip back in February.  Yeeeeees... long over due!  When we weren't taking classes, we were busy making pancakes in our hotel or doing a lot of this:
 There's something specific about these behind the scene images I want to cover, but that'll be another post entirely.  The beautiful women you are seeing are my amazing WPPI roommates and beautiful photographers -- Jillian Tree and Megan Bookhammer.  Here's Jillian :)
 Jillian in action
 I know, I know.  A lot of profile shots because LOOK-AT-THAT-JAWLINE!
This girl does not mess around.  Let's just say I'm thankful I haven't sprained anything considering the things I've also climbed.

Love these girls!  This is actually the same area I took Karie's photos :)  The gold reflection on the windows were so swanky.

I hope the middle of the week is treating you well.  I've had a shattered iPhone for the past ___ months (I'm too ashamed at how long I've left it this way) -- and I am FINALLY getting it fixed today!  Thank you groupon for hollering atcha cheap girl.  Yup, if it wasn't for the groupon specials that existed, this girl would still be carrying around a shattered iphone.  I forgot what it's like to look down at a clear screen.  To not turn my phone upside down in public so my shattered screen doesn't stir up conversation.  Actually, you want to know what I did?  After the shattering occurred, I clearly couldn't use it without fearing I would slice my little finger.  SO.  Jose ordered a plastic screen cover to go over the glass.  And now there are BUBBLES under the plastic screen.  It's ugly y'all.  So needless to say.. it-is-about-time :)