Motion is Officially Here

Although this topic is not completely new to my business, I've never made an official announcement like this.

Imaginale will now officially offer Motion Sessions for families.  Meaning when you think about capturing your family... think about it a little differently.  A little like this...
(select HD if watching full screen :)

...  I'd like to offer this to you:  A session that weaves video and stills to create an exhilarating, story-telling experience.  To the mom who dreams of these memories and longs to hold on to them as tight as possible.  To look back one day and laugh at the silliest, inspiring things her children do... in motion.

How do you get started?  You can contact me now through my website, but this week there will be another reveal:  my updated site that has made room for this new category with details and answers to your questions.  I know this is so new, but it's a special kind of new.  A new way of telling stories.

p.s. I've literally been shaking as I typed this.  Excited and nervous.  I guess I've been thinking about it for so long that finally making it official has me all shook up :)