Hunger Games: How to Wear Your Hair

Oh yeah.  You know what's happening this Friday.  I thought a fun way to celebrate the opening of Hunger Games is to get a group of girlfriends together and braid our hair -- Hunger Games style.

But here's the thing... everyone forgets about Primrose!  So I decided to share with you 2 ways for you to wear your hair to the Hunger Games Premiere.  The Katniss version vs. The Primrose version:

Links to all images can be found on my Pinterest Hair + Concept Shoots Boards.

Don't be afraid to add some extensions to help out with volume and length, and also TEASE your hair for texture and volume!  I found some tutorials online that range from very intricate, to really easy for you to reference to in case you want to also have a girls night :)  You can definitely try the last 2 with short hair!  

So which look do you like best?  I think I love the messy braid most but may try a messy braid + bun with one of these tutorials.  A little tribute to both ;)