Bellas: Karie Denny

I believe in life there are 2 different types of eaters.  There are those who eat because it's necessary to live, and then there are those who have an experience with food.  Those who understand cultures through food, who eat for the pleasure of combined flavors, and who have strong memories associated with different foods.

In the same way, I believe there are 2 types of dressers.  Those who dress because it's necessary to be clothed in public, and there are those who dress to portray how they feel that day (sexy, lousy, spunky, calm, sweet, tired, etc.) or to further express the type of person they are (eclectic, trendy, glamorous, elegant, defiant, etc.).  And I realize I'm creating an exaggerated dichotomy.  I know there are a lot of people "in between."  These things are never that black-and-white or simple.  But most people gravitate to (or desire) one or the other.

You get my point.

Why am I bringing this up?  Because Karie used to be one of those people who dressed according to what was available in her closet.  There was no rhyme or reason, it was just simply a top and bottom that her fingers would pull off the hangers.  And there is nothing wrong with that. Absolutely nothing.  However, there is something so exciting and reaffirming when you wear something that makes you confidently feel you.  And I realize that discovering your personal style can be very, very challenging.  Sometimes you HAVE to go through these "what-was-I-thinking" periods to put you closer to "this is ME." 

Karie took the jump.  This is why this shoot is special to me.  Karie has been on this journey of studying her style -- both in her clothes and in her business.  Immediately she began to remove things on her website that didn't reflect her aesthetic.  She began to follow a couple of fashion blogs, not to replicate their style, but to educate herself.  And while she was still trying to discover how to do that with clothing, she knew she was moving forward by making intentional decisions.  At the end of the day it's not about the layers, the sweaters, or the colors -- it was about watching Karie embrace and begin to fully understand who she is

And that -- that is the person I love to photograph.  Regardless of what part of the journey she is at, I just know that a piece of that confidence lingers in her expression and her body movement.  She is who she is and she chooses to love and celebrate that with the world.

Karie had this gold sequin skirt for a long time.  I mean, really, where do you wear such a glamorous, sassy skirt?!  Perhaps Vegas? ;)  And you know.... sometimes you just gotta let out that Vegas girl in you...

Embrace those what-was-I-thinking moments, because it is in those moments that you shift closer to the person you want to celebrate.  The you that no one else can be :)