Bella: In the Tennessee Forest

It hit me while we watched Tangled.  Yes... the Disney movie.   Hey, inspiration comes from a lot of random places.  I hopped off the couch at the end of the movie and ran around the cabin counting the candles that decorated the space.  Perfect.  Just enough candles to run with this idea.

You have to understand that we always do this.  Once a year Jose and I vacation with his family ... which means?  A Jasmine and Alejandra collaboration.  Ideas ranging from underwater to desert-vagabond ... and even a circus theme.  Sometimes we spend days on it, and sometimes... like this particular shoot, it takes one hour. 

All we had was lace fabric, sheets from the cabin (oops), hair extensions, and candles.  Jose, his mom, and his dad parked themselves 10 feet from us in rocking chairs to watch in entertainment as Jasmine and I pranced near the trees.  While I posed Jasmine all I could hear was giggles behind me and Jose's dad every now and then saying "what the heck are they doing?" 

We didn't care... it's this crazy stuff we love :)
We send our regards to the mama bear candle we melted.  RIP mama bear.  Yep.  I didn't mean to light that particular decorative candle but at the end of the shoot I heard Jose's dad say "well, would you look at this! You melted half the bear!!"  Jasmine and I immediately looked at each other and burst into laughter.  Immediately followed by "oh crap, I hope we don't have to pay for that!"

Needless to say like any sensible adult, I hid that candle behind the TV in the cabin's living room.  Cause really, that candle was overshadowing the raccoon fur hanging on the wall anyway.