A Sweet Gold and Pink Package Tutorial

I'm sending out something special and before I explain exactly what it is and what's inside... I wanted to teach you how I made the packaging. First can I say -- did you know there was lace packaging tape?!  Talk about impulsive buy.  When I came across this tape from designer Karl Zahn, I did not hesitate to purchase.  So here's what ya need...

Gold ribbon: IKEA
Kraft box: re-used (but can be found at Michael's or other craft stores)
Rose: came from ribbon at local boutique
Lace tape: Karl Zahn online store
Craft glue (I used Scotch Quick-dry adhesive)

I would recommend that you lay the strands across your box before you start gluing to make sure you have enough (or decide on your pattern).  But who are we kidding?  I definitely didn't do that.  Like I've said before, I'm not a ruler kind of girl (though I married a man who is! ;)

And look at how simple strands of gold ribbon transformed this kraft box!

Then if you're really feeling like making this baby special, add some pattern to the sides with tape!  Just search Etsy for "decorative tape" OR take a look at the mind-blowing options at TapeSwell online store.


Now you have yourself a pretty little package ;)

Personally, I wouldn't judge you if you stuffed it with cookies and gifted it to yourself.  Or skip the packaging altogether and have an intimate moment with the cookie monster.  It's all good ;) Just have yourself a sweet Valentine's day!

p.s. Jose asked me out on our first date exactly 5 years ago today.  I brought him a little box stuffed with Valentines Family Guy pencils (yes, they make those) and candy.  What can I say... I know how to sweep them off their feet ;)