Outfit Chronicles: One Piece - Three Ways PT 2

Here is Part One if you haven't checked it out. The rundown is basically this:

Alex of AVE Styles + Me = A fashion series to make styling a little more comprehensible
Challenge: Take 1 article of clothing and make 3 different looks with it.

While Alex is typically behind-the-scenes, helping couples, models, and other clientele find items that suit them best -- she brought the party in FRONT of the camera this time. And I was ready :)

Alex's one piece: Striped Long Sleeve Top

Isn't it amazing how a striped top can be elevated to "French Prep" by pairing it with a blazer and riding boots? I mean, it makes sense but it's such a different feel from the Bold Artist!

I love this last look! I've seen Alex sport long sleeves under dresses before and it's something I really want to try. In fact, as I was leaving Alex told me to try putting the cardigan I was sporting in yesterday's post under the printed dress I was wearing.

A huge thanks to Alex for helping me carry out this idea to make the world of fashion easier to digest. Or simply to provide y'all with some inspiration as you stand in front of your closet! :) Check out Alex's post for an insight on her styling process for these outfits.

We have more tutorials planned for the future! Hope you've enjoyed the first and are looking forward to more! Feel free to send in any requests or just share your thoughts ;)