My heart in Vegas WPPI

This is Wednesday afternoon.  I had just gotten back from a one-on-one with a designer and a class called Specializing in a World of Generalists.  I literally get inside of the hotel room and start pacing.  My mind is on overload.  I notice that one of the roommates pulled the blinds open and the sun is starting to drop.  So, of course, I grab my camera.

Suddenly Jose calls me and I leap to the bed to grab the phone.  I blurt out:  "I need to talk.  But I need more than 5 minutes" -- knowing he probably just called to check in on me.  Jose says "I've got time."  I almost kissed my phone right there.  I love this guy!  After allowing me to somehow form coherent sentences into our conversation, we talk.  Half an hour passes and we wrap it up.

Shortly after one of my roommates comes in.  Megan Bookhammer.  This girl.  There are so many people I'm meeting in my life right now whose relationships are gold to me.  We sit on the couch's pull out bed and start chatting.  Then (like this is any surprise) I get distracted by the reflections on our hotel window and jump up to take a photo.  But I don't take the photo simply because of the reflections, I take it because it will remind me of those late night conversations the girls and I would have on our beds.  I literally stopped myself in mid-sentence to take these photos because I wanted to remember it exactly like it was.  You can see Megan on the top left..

You are going to see even MORE of Megan in front of my camera.  But that's for later :)

Today.  Well, today I need to take some time and absorb everything from Vegas.  But there are changes coming... changes that you will actually see very soon.  These changes were put into motion before Vegas, but then Vegas kind of slapped me upside the head and I have to get it together!

Oh, actually.  You already saw one of the changes.  Did you notice the new logo? :) :)  You guys, I've been waiting for over a month to share it with you all!  After Annie Brooks completed the final draft, I wanted to share it so badly but knew the time wasn't right until I completed my other changes.  And that time is starting now :)

In the mean time, I'm going to respond to e-mails and small tasks in my PJ's until I have to go out in public (which is probably by evening).  My suitcase will just have to figure out how to unpack itself ;)