Ringing in the New Year.. Faux Hawk and all

I was on the couch, lounging in my slippers and PJ's, and my laptop on the couch beside me. I looked over at the time and had about 40 minutes until we were heading to Seth's house for his New Year's party. It was time to get dressed.

But as I sat there, I immediately thought about a faux hawk. You see, I've been wanting to do one for the longest time and what more appropriate time to do such a dramatic hair style then for a New Year's party?! You know, those dresses or accessories that you're like "wow, where would I wear this to?" So I dashed upstairs and the hair spraying began...

I was ALMOST finished with it, when I yelled from the bathroom "I'm running out of bobby pins!!!" and Jose yelled from downstairs "give it up! you might as well stop now." What?! Stop now?! Did he not see the 15 bobby pins already in my hair?! I ran around, dumping little drawers I had, knowing I misplace bobby pins all the time. I found 9 more. Sucker!

I was ready to ring in the New Year. I'll be posting more photos of my faux hawk along with the tutorial I used on my Facebook Page! So "Like" it if you haven't and let me know if you try it for yourself :)

Off to Seth's house we went and celebrated with great friends..

Seth, getting low on minute-to-win-it.

And we decided to have some fun with the sparklers :)

Any hair styles you want to try? I'm ready to see what 2012 will bring. Certainly more moments where Jose will continue to say "you know, it doesn't have to be that crazy." That usually means I'm on the right path ;)