Outfit Chronicles: One Piece - Three Ways

Ever have a how the heck did they even come up with that outfit?! moment?

Alex from AVE Styles and I are working together to bring you a set of series where fashion and style are a lot more accessible. Where you can start thinking about what you already have in your closet rather than the brands you don't own. Kind of like shopping for free. How ridiculous is that?

First challenge: One piece of clothing styled in three ways. Three completely different looks.

I showed up to Alex's place with a duffel bag full of clothes. I would consider myself a relatively stylish girl. BUT. I have NEVER put any of these outfits together that Alex whipped up. After the fastest camera/photography tutorial ever, Alex became the photographer and together we created these fashion profiles. Consider the notes like recipes -- you can mimic or reinterpret it to whatever taste you like.

My one piece: Coral Blazer

Add some sparkle and now it's a night time outfit. Alex said this outfit reminded her most of me. Not gonna lie, definitely a favorite...

And last -- this one really surprised me. I would have never thought to pair a cardigan under a blazer.

Cra-zy. Felt like I went shopping. The wonders of working with a stylist. Lucky for us, Alex is raining down some of that styling wisdom on us :) Tomorrow it will be her turn to be in front of the camera... yeeeep!

Make sure to check out her blog for even more details on the thoughts behind the styling. Hope you're looking forward to these series! Requests are welcomed ;)