Creepers at the Grocery Store

I'm standing in line with two packs of cookie-dough for our married's small group that's meeting that night...

Man behind me: That's a nice dinner you got there
Me: *laughs* Yeah... it's gonna be quite the meal! *politely smiles and waves the cookie packs in the air*

[slight pause]

Man Creeper behind me: ...Makes me wonder what's for dessert *raises eyebrows up and down, up and down*

Cashier: Um, Borders?

As creeper went from funny to you're-too-old-to-say-that-to-me, I'm busy giving the Safeway cashier my Borders rewards card. THEY'RE THE SAME COLOR. Did you not just see this man's eyebrows dance for me?! And YES, I know Borders is out of business. No, I don't know why that card is still in my purse.

Real smooth.