Engaged: Jessica + Chuck

Jessica and her mountain man -- Chuck.

I love that she nick named him that because it's so fitting to his relaxed, and very masculine character. Jessica would cuddle up next to Chuck and you would know, just by the look on her face how protected she felt. In these moments when I meet new couples, you begin to learn the different ways that people love. Some embrace tightly, some laugh tearfully, and some just need the other's presence.

Jessica, the girl with the throw-your-head-back laughter who jumps into her mountain man's arms ... Chuck.

This is their story.

Milly came along for our photo date too.. you know, to give us some pointers on modeling ;)

...how sweet it is to be loved by you

I agree, they belong in a catalog!

Thank you Jessica and Chuck, for letting me tell your story. Can't wait for the big day in May :)

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