Motion Shoot: Eli Housmyer

Oh this baby. Actually, this FAMILY! From the baby shower to Eli himself, and this October I will also be photographing Zach's sister's wedding! I met with my bride Stephany and her fiance last Friday and the entire Housmyer family is just sooo loving. I joked that I'm becoming their family photographer but really, they just make me feel like family :)

After debuting my first motion shoot, this will now be my second!

(make sure it's loaded all the way & select HD if viewing large :)

Hannah... um, stunning momma!

I'm so lucky that people like the Housmyers let me into their lives to record these memories.

Tonight is the gallery showing at Phoenix One!! I seriously can't wait to share with y'all the final results. Amazing what you can do with some paint and wood. And antlers of course ;)