Bellas: Lauren Revisited

All of these photos were taken on our high school property in our failed attempt to get inside. You see our high school, a performing arts school, was rebuilt two years after we graduated into a HUGE and beautiful building. They kept the historic sections and just added on to it, making it three times the size it used to be.

Neither Lauren or I have seen the new inside. All we could do is stick our face against the glass and point to the spots we could see.


Beautiful! And those shoes?! Match my website perfectly ;)

Worrrrk it...

The following three are some of my favorites...

Gorgeous! But it doesn't surprise me :) In fact, I'm going to be writing a post on posing using specific examples from this session with Lauren.

p.s. A HUGE thank you to everyone's amazing and encouraging words on my website re-launch. Honestly, you all are such an inspiration to me. I appreciate every single one of you and each of your comments fuel my passion even more. Thank you, you ridiculously amazing people you :)