Outfit Chronicles: Off The Shoulder Top

So, I have definitely worn this top about 3 times this past week...

(Huge thanks to Jasmine for helping me with the photos!)

At work? Sure. Dance practice? Yep. Volleyball too? Uh-huh.

Actually, especially for volleyball. It has been getting SO hot here that it's nice to have such a thin and flowy top.

top: F21, earrings + cuff: F21, lace socks: Charolette Russe, boots: Steve Madden

I'm a HUGE fan of watercolor art designs in general, but especially on clothing. And then of course lace!

Well happy Monday! I've got a crazy week ahead. I'm going to be a camp counselor for a week at Hume Lake with our church's high school ministry. The theme is "bedazzled cowboys." I'm not kidding. Feel free to throw any "bedazzled" ideas my way to do with my girls. I'm thinking of getting rhinestones + skin glue and just making designs for their face. Oh, and guess what else is next week... ???? Take a guess ;)