Jenilee + Matt -- Engagement

--- How weird is it that I'm not actually here? I'm at camp with no internet or phone access for a week! I've written this in the past (which is present for me right now) but I'm scheduling it to be posted in the future. When I'm gone. At camp. Blast from the past, I say. But let's get back to your program... ---

Do you remember Jackie O Jenilee and Matt? I gave you a little teaser a few months ago and that should not have satisfied you. No, no, no. Not when you have such a stylish couple like these two:

Work it out Matt ;) Vintage extraordinaire by day, and vinyl record lover by night.

What better setting for Jenilee and Matt than the historic soda shop of Mac Alpine's?

They also have 2 little vintage stops attached. Love-ly.

Jenilee just knew the way to my heart. Her styling, her magazine collection, and her complete trust in my vision.

After a wardrobe change, we headed to the downtown Library. What had started as a chilly and rainy morning (a very strange moment that rarely happens in Phoenix), turned into a sunny afternoon. God bless the desert and the clouds.

Thank you both again, and again, and again. For exploring with me, for pouring so much detail and preparation into our session, and for choosing me. I truly am lucky to have clients like you two!

-- Hope you guys enjoyed this one! At this point in camp I'm imagining that I'm not yet used to the sleeping schedule, I'm nervous, I'm getting to know people, and I'm praying. A lot. And then I remember my girls are probably a lot more nervous and I need to make the most of this week.
Leave me your thoughts and I can't wait to catch up with y'all next week!
Sincerely, past Ale --