I woke up Thursday morning with my right arm feeling like someone decided to do boxing drills on it. After groaning in pain Jose yelled from the bathroom "See, you should have taken a break."

Let me just say, I'm pretty stubborn. Wednesday night we headed to the volleyball court and decided to work on my overhand serves. We focused on mechanics and I even served a few over the net effortlessly. I thought I was finally getting it... but I wasn't. Jose told me to take a break because I hadn't put the ball down, but I refused. I would pick it back up, twist my hips and hit --- to no avail. UGGGGHHHH, I yelled. Pretty sure I was drowning out any sounds the tennis players were making when they served. What am I doing wrong?! I couldn't keep a consistent serve.

Finally -- FINALLY, after an hour I threw the ball down... I'm done, I have no more power. You tired? Jose asked. No, not that kind of power. Jose paused and understood... Oh, you mean will power. This actually made me laugh, how accurate he was, despite how frustrating the night became. I accepted that nothing was going to change that night and I would have to simply come back and practice.

Anyway, aside from the strained arm and bruised volleyball-ego, I'm feeling really good! Got some secrets for ya :) There is something new I am diving into but want to wait a little longer before I share it on my blog. There are a lot of goals I have for this summer, but the highest priority is updating my website! Can you believe I haven't put ANY 2011 photos on there?! Duuuumb.

Last, I have to leave you with something I stumbled across..

found via The Daybook

Oh, so THAT'S where my will power went.

What are your plans this weekend you lovely people you? Pool, anyone?! Want to teach me how to overhand serve? :P