Outfit Chronicles: Denim & Grays

Guess what? Poor Jose is going to have estrogen overdose. This weekend my wonderful friend Brittany Nicole, a budding photographer, is coming over for 5 days. The following weekend Jose's sister Jasmine is also coming and staying for a week. THEN after that, my friend Kim is arriving the day Jasmine is leaving and staying with us for 4 days.

Poor guy.

But guess what that means? Photoshoot after photoshoot after photoshoot. Woo hoo!

So on to today's outfit!

I love gray, and I especially like it paired with yellow but there's something extra mellow and relaxed about grays and denim blue that I'm loving.

.. and a hint of brown :)

Top+Shorts+Belt+Earrings: F21, bracelet: happy hippies boutique, necklace: gift, shoes: Journeys.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the Steven Tyler feather piece tribute! Promise I'll get to that very soon :)

Last random/crazy thing. I want to tell y'all about this thing I think I'm going to try -- it's called "How to go shampoo free." And NO, it doesn't mean you wouldn't wash your hair, it's just substituting your shampoo. We have the WORST hard water here in Phoenix and with the dry weather, I'm looking for alternative options to using less harsh products on my hair. Did you know shampoo is a detergent and strips your natural oils? My poor scalp is not taking very well to the change in water and weather here, so I'm pretty open about my options.

So there's this at home method (super easy) that I've been reading up on (<--check it out) and it's supposed to be amazing for your hair. Hmmm. Haha. Yeah, I'm REALLY considering this! What are your thoughts? Any suggestions? Let me know if you're curious about it and I'll share with y'all the results -- maybe some before and after photos? ;)

Happy Fa-fa-friday.