Husband Chronicles: Grateful

There have been days where I find a dryer sheet in the recycling bin (how on earth is that recycling?), or a nice pile of dirt swept up into a corner in our kitchen that will sit there for 2 days, or layers of work shirts piled on top of one particular dining room chair. But I would take a million piles of dirt in our kitchen if that meant I got to keep his company.

As soon as I got home from church, I had to go straight to prepping my camera gear for that afternoon's shoot. Jose offered to assist me for the session, but I got more (much, much more) than I could have imagined.

I was a mess that day. Jose made us lunch and I used one hand to feed myself and the other to format my cards. Sometimes my hand would linger there, forgetting there was food in front of me because I would be consumed in my prep work. Eat, he would tell me. I rushed to pack up my equipment, while Jose yelled back my check list in the midst of washing dishes. I got to my location and I start freaking out at the intensity of the sun and lack of any shade nearby. Jose marches ahead of me, I see some trees.

Who knows how many times I move him around or experiment with different areas, but what I do know is how lucky I am. With the sudden deadlines I had in the past few days and staying up late to finish the Menswear Fashion post, Jose has assisted me in more ways than simply holding a reflector. He has grounded me in the midst of my chaotic state. More than anything, he has given freely, loved freely, and embraced freely.

Baby, you'll be fine.

I know, I know. Because I've got you by my side. And I pray that I have hundreds more of these "behind the scenes" photos of you, watching you age, and watching my photography develop as we live life together. For leaving your scuff marks on the coffee table, and practically your closet in our living room because they remind me that you are with me. That I have you ... that God has blessed me with you.

I love you :)

Oh, and I'm sorry I called you an old man yesterday because of your hair. Totally not old. But thank you for retaliating with a frustrated "Yeah, okay, thanks young lady." You'll take the good with the bad, right? Yeah :)