FALLING: Menswear Fashion Concept Shoot

Where do I start? I can't even tell you. Can't even tell you where this begins without unwinding the story of a beautiful collaboration. A project that wouldn't be possible without the amazing styling of Alexandra from AVE Styles, modeling by Alex Lasheen, and the gorgeous historic home of Geoff Trachtenberg.

No. I'll have to save my words this time. For now, I'm presenting to you my first Menswear Fashion shoot. But even bigger than that.... my first ever CONCEPT VIDEO.


My brain and heart are moving too fast.

I know you might want to jump straight to the video (at the end of the post), but control yourself! On your way there, enjoy the magazine layouts I designed & created so you could feel like you were flipping through the pages of Imaginale Design ;)

Here we are. My baby is in your hands now. Are you ready? Cause I'm freaking out over here...

(Please make sure it's loaded COMPLETELY! Especially if you fullscreen it.. click the HD button ;)

And I'm dying to know what you think :) So tell me!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on how the collaboration came together and my story-making process with video and photography!