Outfit Chronicles: Heels & Flannel

About 2 years ago, I had posted on my wedding blog how much I loved these necklaces. Fast forward to this past Christmas and guess who got one of those necklaces?! Me! But that's not the crazy part. Jose got the necklace for me and had NEVER seen that blog post!! I guess I'm that predictable ;)

I've tried not to wear it everyday, but it went perfect for today's outfit... the playful flannel :)

Flannel: F21, belt: Zara, jeans: Ross (Billabong), bracelet: handmade gift, necklace: Luxedeluxe :), shoes: Plato's Closet (in Atlanta) for 10 bucks!

So this outfit was quite the layering. I'm actually wearing cotton (polka dot) tights under my jeans because it was a chilly day.

After I took a picture of my shoes again...

I looked up and tried to take a picture of Jose's butt...

..but it was blocked by his wallet. Maybe next time.

Any thoughts on this outfit?! I was SUPER hesitant about my hair and sweeping it all back because I have a five-head (not a forehead... ;). Haha. Jose seemed to like it, so that works for me! Speaking of hair, check out this super cute and very quick hair tutorial. I've considered making one too.... maybe...

Happy Friday! I'm hoping to visit one of those Food Trucks that you see on Food Network tonight with Jose. Gourmet hotdogs? Yes please. They also have a peanut butter, jelly, chicken sandwich! Woah! I wonder if that is genius or weird...?