Out of it

Wishing I was back in Portugal right now...

I feel so out of it today. I only slept a total of 10 hours between Friday and Saturday when I went to Tucson. When I got home on Sunday, I literally napped for FIVE hours. Then last night I had so much trouble sleeping and woke up today feeling like a nap hang over. You know what I mean?

So that's my Monday so far =\ However, tonight I'm going to review a location for an upcoming shoot I have on Saturday :) Speaking of, I'm putting together a mini-story board for the shoot today and just to give you a peek, it is inspired by the Robert Pattinson shoot in Vanity Fair:

Incredible, huh?! Totally wish I could drag a piano out on to a field, but I don't even think I know where a field is at this point. However, my inspiration came from the model's look who just gave me this indie-singer/song-writer vibe. Turns out that the model, Alex, actually DOES sing. So when I started researching ideas for this theme, I found the amazing Vanity Fair shoot with Robert Pattinson.

I realized this will be my first time shooting a male model, so that's going to be interesting. However, I'm SO excited because not only did these ideas start rolling off my brain, but Alex is just as inspired as I am about the concept.

Did you have a good weekend? Hope you're having a better Monday!